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My Satellink:

The Link to Better Communications

Satellink links people and organizations together through wireless telecommunications, wireless email, interactive two-way messaging, text and numeric paging, voice messaging, and conferencing services.

Firefighters, police, hospital personnel, universities and businesses throughout the United States stay in touch thanks to Satellink products, services and our innovative STAR*net system. Satellink is THE link to better communications.

Satellink has proudly merged with Aquis Communications, a ComSoft Corporation subsidiary . Aquis is a leading full service telecommunication provider of affordable business solutions such as cellular/PCS services, one-way and two-way paging, telemetry, mobile radios, RIM/Blackberry services, data circuits, in-building and campus-wide wireless networks, telecommunication expense and asset management (TEAM) systems, consulting services and a “one source, one invoice” solution for simplifying communications. Visit Aquis communications on the web at www.aquiscommunications.com.